All starts with a Question!
Thank you, for coming along with us, we’re grateful.

cialka literally means „tiny bodies”.

– „And where do I see them?” you might ask.

Everywhere you will find them: on photographs, yourselve in the mirror, and any role you’re playing in your own physical life, if you look at yourselve from a certain distance. – It’s like you’re watching moment for moment from an other perspective, in every facet you recognize something new.
But there seems to be more … It’s like a mother knows from the distance, „something is wrong with my child”. As a popular saying this phenomenon is named the „third sense”

– „And what are the following senses?” was our initial Question

(In the following thought-conversations you will often find Questions. For clarification please keep in mind that putting something into question is quite different to the act of impulsive negation. – Looking at the truth behind the story, like the question above, opens to the asking person a variety of probable answers.
– The scientific proceeding of probabilities is falsification. – So, if you create a theory in your actual thinking, this is only an assumption above spread out details in the own awareness, you have to verify your fiction! … finally the act of verification is a very personal result of experience. It’s this inner synthesis you might, as a glimpse, call knowledge; AND it all depends on your sensory capabilities.)

Again, one question opened a lot of secondary questions:
„What’s with the five senses we learned at school?”, „Why is this way of experiencing called „third eye” or „sixth sense?”, „What do our senses really tell us?”, „Do we listen to our senses?” and „How do we manage the information of our senses?”. – „are there any presets to react on our senses?” … questions on and on; you may fill in your own _____blanks.
If you look up the available literature, there will be delivered endless information. And by time inconsistent/conflicting information will become head-cramping. All the „You shall…!” You must…!” and theories are disconnecting you from your initial question an leading into the belief systems of foreign thinkers. -Trust me, or verify it yourselve-
The summary I might suggest is, „I will practice on my own”

To share this experience of practice will be the purpose of our blogg-site

I wish you peace beyond all understanding

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